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drums/backing vocal
Foo Fighters, Phil Collins, Breaking Benjamin,
Nickelback, Daughtry, 3 Doors Down,
Staind, 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse
03. May 1990
Ehlerange (Luxembourg)
Favorite brands
TAMA Drums, Meinl, Vic Firth






bass/backing vocal
Eluveitie, Metsatöll, Korpiklaani,
De Läb, In Extremo, Tool,

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Sour, Gojira
22. June 1991
Soleuvre (Luxembourg)
Favorite brands
ESH Bass Guitars, AMPEG








Everyone has stories to tell, secrets to keep and experiences to share.
The life of every person can be divided into chapters:
periods of happiness, sadness, love, deception, … It is what defines every single human being.
The lyrics reflect what members have gone through,
what they deal with and what they are planning to do.
For some people the band’s name might seem strange or is slightly unpronounceable.
Why then choose such a name?
“DIARIO” is the Italian word for diary.
Why Italian?
Three of the four band members have roots in the same small village in the centre of Italy.
Nevertheless the four members are currently living in Luxembourg,
which makes DIARIO a Luxembourgish rock band.
Front man Andy started singing at very early age
and gained immense experience as singer and songwriter over the years
mostly with his band ANDREA AND UNDERCOVER.
Guitarist Janu and bassist Nico knew each other already in elementary school
and decided to start picking up instruments and form a band.
Band names did change as well as lineups.
Later Fabio joined the band thanks to Janu as they met at secondary school.
Janu, Fabio and Nico were the former members of NISROC.
Mid 2012 NISROC were seeking a new singer whilst Andy was looking for new musicians. 
The first rehearsals were fixed.
The atmosphere just was great;
the disposition seemed to be perfect.
A first concert was organized to give a small public a glance in what the band did so far.
Critics were good. So, DIARIO entered the music scene.
The different musical experiences that the members collected throughout the years
introduce an important flow of ideas into the songwriting.
Acoustic, Indie, Experimental, Rock, Metal, everything gives interesting ideas
and variations for the structures of the songs.
The band members also listen to various music and artists,
which also reflects in their song structuring.
It should not lack in creativity.
In those years every member of the band established connections between other bands,
concert organisers or even recording engineers
that helped DIARIO in their starting steps into the music business.
However, the members try to take matters into their own hands as much as possible.
With Andy studying economics, Janu communication design,
Fabio electrical engineering and Nico as a biologist, the band is in secure hands.
They played one of their first concerts as an opener
for the German band SILBERMOND in the main hall of “Rockhal” (L).
In 2013 the Band already played on some of the Luxembourgish main festivals
such as the “Food for your senses” and the “Rock um Knuedler”.
Another new experience was a performance on the Luxembourgish n°1 TV studio (RTL).
On March 19th of 2014, DIARIO was invited to play as support act for
the American rock band DAUGHTRY at the "Atelier" (L).
More and more concerts and shows are planned.
DIARIO is looking forward to playing on many more stages and meet a bunch of new people.
So, if you want to make part of the band’s history feel free to get in touch and write in our diary!
Let a new chapter in your life begin!


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