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Thanks to all the people which were on their way or showed up yesterday!
Due to the bad weather conditions the RUDA festival got cancelled... :(
We hope you all came home healthy.

As you know it was our last (in the so far used constellations) planned concert,
due the weather conditions we couldn't perform.
So now we are thinking to show up on another date, so stay tuned and #nevergiveup! :D



Léif Fans, léif Kolleegen,

Den 9.Juni musst der är Chance ergräifen. Mer spillen um Festival “Rock un der Atert” zu Réiden op der Atert.
Dëst ass e spezielle Konzert fir eis. No 6 Joer DIARIO gi mer mat a fir Iech fir 2018 nach eng Kéier op d’Bühn. Dëst ass e spezielle Moment fir eis a genau deen wëlle mer mat Iech deelen.
Fir dëse Konzert triede mer fir Iech nach eng Kéier mam Andrea op, also mat der bal gewinnter Zesummesetzung vun der Band. Iwwert d Joren entwéckelt sech villes, och mer.

Et géif eis wahnsinneg freeë wann der zuelräich (zu fill) géift eis fir dësen aussergewéinleche Konzert ënnerstëtze kommen an Iech mat eis ameséiert.

Dofir huelt Iech är Ticket’en fir de Rock un der Atert 2018 a verbréngt mat eis en onvergiesslechen Dag!

Méi Informatiounen ënner Concerts!


Dear Fans, dear friends,

On July 9th you have to take the opportunity! We will perform at the “Rock un der Atert” Festival at Redange-sur-Attert (L).

This is a special concert for us. After nearly 6 years of the bands existence we will rock the stage for and with you!  This is a special moment for us all, and that is why we really want to share it with you. For this concert, we will perform on stage with Andrea, so in the so far used constellation. Over the years everything is evolving, even us.

We would be incredibly happy and proud if you could come (in great number) supporting us and sharing an unforgettable moment during this special concert.
So book your tickets for the “Rock un der Atert” festival and we will share an unforgettable moment.

More info under Concerts!


Dear friends, dear fans,

unfortunately we have to inform you that one of the former members of Diario decided to leave us.
Andrea, former front man and lead guitarist, decided so early this year due to personal changes and decisions.
However, this decision does not change in any way our relations towards each other.
We hope that he continues his musical career and we wish him all the best for his future plans.

Together we decided to play one last concert together, we will of course inform you concerning this in a while.

Don’t be afraid, we will continue this project but with different perspectives, new influences and ideas.

Thank you for your comprehension and for your support.

We love you all


Léif Kolleegen, léif Fans,

leider musse mer Iech informéieren dasss ee vun de Grënnungsmembere vun Diario decidéiert huet d’Band ze verloossen.
Den Andrea, Frontmann a Lead-Gittarist, huet sech Ufank dëses Jores dozou entscheet, dëst duerch perséinlech Decisiounen.
Trotz senger Decisioun wäert dat näischt un der Relatioun (Frëndschaftlech etc) änneren déi mer zoueneen hunn.
Mer hoffen a wënschen him, dass hien seng musikalesch Carrière weiderfiert a mer wënschen him nëmmen dat Bescht fir all seng Zukunftspläng.

Zesummen hu mer decidéiert ee leschte Konzert ze spillen, doriwwer kritt der Zäitno weider Informatiounen.

Fäert elo net, mer wäerten dëse Projet weiderféieren awer mat anere Perspektiven, neien Influenzen an Ideeën.

Merci fir äert Versteesdemech an är Ënnerstëtzung.

Mer hunn Erch gär





Hey guys,
Check out our brand new shirts!!! ^^

More info under SHOP



Check out our MEMORIES section to see some great pictures of our Album Release!
Big Thanks to ELDORADIO for their support and their great pictures :D

Also have fun listening to our new songs on our MUSIC section!



For our Album Release ;)
The Party will take place @Schungfabrik Tétange the 11/02/2017!
Special Guests will be:
"Zero Point Five-(L)
", "Kevin Heinen&Band-(L)" and "ALL REITZ RESERVED-(L)"

So don't miss the Show and buy your ticket now @TicketPay! ^^
!!!The Release is limited to 300 Ticket!!!

Tickets will cost 6€ at evening box-office!




Our second Single 'Unbreakable' is also on Eldoradio Chartbreaker, so vote for us! :)
Today we present you the first official video of it!
So enjoy our music clip and stay tuned for our Album 'Stains',
which will be released @Schungfabrik Tétange the 11/02/2017!

Pre order your tickets now on @TicketPay! :D



Dear fans, dear friends,

With heavy hearts we want to inform you that due to organizational reasons we have to cancel performance of our special guest the German band KILLERPILZE.
We are sorry to tell you about this unfortunate outcome because we wanted to offer you, our fans and friends who supported us throughout the years, a special surprise and an unforgettable evening.
We hereby ask for your understanding.

To be fair, we decided to refund every ticket within 2 WEEKS after this post to all the people that wanted to come to see KILLERPILZE.

That said we were searching for a new special guest for you. We wanted to offer you another high standard act. Fortunately a good friend of us with whom we already played several shows together will fill in. It is the talented young musician-violinist Christophe Reitz with his project All Reitz Reserved. He will take you on a musical journey that you won’t forget for a long time, promised!

Again, we are really sorry for this inconvenience and we are happy to welcome you on our release show on February 11th In the Schungfabrik in Tetange. It will be an unforgettable evening.

With much love,

Diario Band




For our Album Release ;)
The Party will take place @Schungfabrik Tétange the 11/02/2017!
Special Guests will be:
"Zero Point Five-(L)
", "Kevin Heinen&Band-(L)" and "ALL REITZ RESERVED-(L)"

So don't miss the Show and buy your ticket now @TicketPay! ^^
!!!The Release is limited to 300 Ticket!!!

Tickets will cost 6€ at evening box-office!



Our Single 'New Song' has already reached Top 10 of the Eldoradio Chartbreaker!
Today we present you the first official video of it!
So enjoy our music clip and stay tuned for our Album 'Stains',
which will be released @Schungfabrik Tétange the 11/02/2017!

We are proud to announce you our special guests from Germany "Killerpilze"
Save the Date and have fun listening to our Single.

You can already download/stream the Song at all common plattforms:
Google Play


Our first Single "New Song" of our new and first 'DIARIO' Album "STAINS" is out now!
So stay tuned for our Album 'Stains' and listen to our new Single 'New Song'! (Album release in February 2017)

Click Here!


Hey People,
We are playing on the "3 Virgins Festival" this Saturday...
Sounds great, no?! :) more details under Concerts!


Time to travel back to the 80's!
Drive by and resume the 80's saga with us.
More details under Concerts!


Hey guys,

We are starting this year with an exclusive Showcase at "BEIM HOLLÄNNER"!
So if you can't wait to hear our new songs after all this long time,
you should definitely come and rock this venue with us!
More details under Concerts!


Season 2016 begins!

Come and party with us...
This Thursday at "Brasserie Soundcheck"

More details under Concerts ;)




Discover new pics from our recent photo shoot under Memories!


This Sunday!

19h30 @FDLM Kayl!

Hope to see you there ;)



Hey guys,

We are proud to announce you!
That our first concert this year,
will be with the wind orchestra "Harmonie Éilereng" on the 9th of May!
Places are limited! 
Get your ticket now under



Leif Musiker,

DIARIO sicht en/eng, neien/nei Gittarist/Gittaristin.
(akustesch Gittar + elekresch Gittar)
Wanns du Interressen hues scheck eis eppes perseinleches eran,
am beschten per Mail enert: contact@diario-band.com
(grouss Files kanns de iwert http
://www.wetransfer.com/ verschecken (bis 2GB))

Fir eng Idee ze kreien waat mear spillen, kanns du roueg op eis youtube Säit laanscht goen

an dear d’ Videoen ukucken/ulausteren.
Mear freen eis op deng Bewerbung 
Merci fir d’ Interresse



Dear friends,


We have a sad announcement to make.
Our lead guitarist (Janu Decker) decided to leave the Band due to musical differences.

We wish him all the best for his future projects and career.
It is a hard impact for us because he left the Band not only as a lead guitarist,
but also as a good friend and a longtime band member.
However, we will move on and won’t give up.

We hope you will support us and Janu in further times.


Have you seen our video for "Million Miles" ?
Here it is... Get your Single on iTunes!

More videos under Movies!


This Saturday!
Come and party with us...


Hey people,
Our new music video for "Million Miles" is now online...

Have fun by watching!

P.S. Get your Single on iTunes!


Hey guys,
Only one week to our Release left!

Come and party with us...

More info under Concerts!



Big announcement!
We will support DAUGHTRY @ Den Atelier
More info under Concerts!
Check it out!!!





Our T-shirts are now on SALE for 7€. Order it now under Shop!




More concerts! Check it out now under Concerts!




Discover new pics from our music video shoot under Memories!




This Sunday @VERSO - Clausen (L)

We will shoot the official music clip of our single Million Miles,

Which will be released at least mid 2014!

Hope to see you there…



Where: Verso - Clausen (L)

When: 15h00 - 19h00




Season 2014 begins!

First concert will be this Friday 07/02/2014 @Foetz (L)

We hope to see you there...





We also are proud to announce you…

That we are recording our first official single this Sunday.

The release date will be at least mid year 2014, including a video clip! 

Stay tuned…




We are pleased to announce: 

Two confirmed concerts for the month april... 

Check it out under Concerts



Ladies and Gentlemans,

Now we have finished the redesign of our web page.

Have fun browsing through: "Movies, Memories, Shop" and more…

Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page!




Hey People,

We are rebuilding our web page.
More details, movies and a seperated shop...
Stay tuned...
Visit us on Facebook


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